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Transport regulations - Annex 4

Appendix 4. Rules of Customer Conduct on board the aircraft

The Airline seeks to exceed the expectations and requirements of its Customers in its activities as much as possible, and strives to constantly improve the quality of services provided. These rules of conduct are intended to help achieve these goals.

  1. Rules of Customer Conduct on board the aircraft

    The Itinerary Receipt shall confirm the execution of the Air Transportation Contract between the Customer and the Airline, as well as the Customer's agreement with the rules set forth by the Airline, including the rules of conduct for Customers on board the aircraft.

    The rules of conduct for Customers on board the aircraft are aimed at ensuring flight safety, increasing the level of comfort and preventing illegal actions on board the aircraft during the flight. The rules shall be mandatory for all Customers.

  1. A Customer may:
    1. use the services provided for by the terms of the Air Transportation Contract;
    2. if Customer’s life or health is in danger, contact the crew members and demand their protection.
  1. A Customer shall:
    1. before purchasing the Ticket, familiarize themselves (at the place of purchase of the Ticket or on the Website of the Airline) ) and further comply with these rules;
    2. Throughout the entire stay on board the aircraft, unconditionally comply with the requirements of employees of authorized representative offices or agents of the Airline, the aircraft captain and other crew members.
    3. Observe public order and rules of conduct on board the aircraft, inter alia: respect others and their religious, national, cultural beliefs; observe silence, rules of decency and modesty;
    4. take the seat indicated in the boarding pass issued to them, comply with the requirements and recommendations of the aircraft captain and other crew members;
    5. place Hand Baggage and personal belongings in specially designated places indicated by flight attendants in accordance with the rules for carrying Baggage in the aircraft cabin;
    6. stay in their seat with a seat belt fastened during takeoff, ascend, descent, landing and taxiing of the aircraft, when flying in special and/or adverse meteorological conditions (for example, turbulence), as well as in other cases when the Fasten Your Seat Belts sign is on. It is recommended to stay in the Customer's seat and leave seat belts fastened during the entire flight;
    7. exercise due care for the equipment of the aircraft cabin and the Airline property.
  1. The Customer shall be prohibited to:
    1. Violate the provisions of these Regulations;
    2. create situations that threaten flight safety, life, health, honor and dignity of other Customers, as well as aviation personnel;
    3. breach public order, create conditions that hinder the work of crew members and the rest of Customers (shout, speak loudly, use obscene language, inflict their company, create obstacles to free movement in the aircraft cabin), avoid threatening, any verbal abuse and, especially, physical violence;
    4. be in a state of alcoholic and/or narcotic intoxication and /or intoxication with other substance, drink alcoholic beverages brought on board;open sealed packages of the duty-free stores before the end of the flight;
    5. smoke on board the aircraft, including electronic cigarettes and/or use means imitating the smoking process;
    6. unfasten the seat belt, get up and move around the cabin if the Fasten Your Seat Belts sign is on;
    7. Cause damage (harm) to the equipment of the aircraft or property on board the aircraft;
    8. Open technical compartments and locks of the main and emergency exits without the relevant commands from crew members;
    9. take out from the aircraft any property belonging to the Airline, including life jackets;
    10. use emergency equipment other than for its intended purpose or without the relevant commands from crew members;
    11. Clutter the aisles between the rows of seats in the aircraft cabin, the space near emergency and service doors, approaches to emergency hatches with personal belongings and other objects.
    12. change seats in the aircraft cabin, take seats not indicated in the boarding pass. unauthorized reseating of Customers in the cabin may lead to a critical change in the alignment of the aircraft and pose a threat to flight safety.
  1. Airline Policy Regarding the Use of Alcoholic Beverages and Narcotic Substances
    1. it shall be forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages;
    2. it shall be prohibited to carry and use narcotic and/or psychotropic substances and drugs on board the aircraft, with the exception of medicines prescribed by a physician;
    3. The aircraft captain may refuse to transport a Customer being in a state of alcoholic, narcotic intoxication and/or under the influence of other toxic substances, or any other intoxication when boarding the aircraft, as well as at any stage of the aircraft movement on ground.
  1. The aircraft captain may, in accordance with Article 58 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation:
    1. In order to ensure the flight safety, give binding orders to any person on board the aircraft and demand execution thereof;
    2. take all necessary measures, including coercive measures, in relation to persons who by their acts create a direct threat to flight safety and refuse to obey the orders of the aircraft captain, as well as remove such persons from the aircraft upon arrival at the nearest airport, and in case of committing an act containing signs of a crime, transfer them to law enforcement agencies regardless of the country of landing;
    3. take other measures to ensure flight safety.
  1. Failure by persons on board the aircraft to comply with the legitimate orders of the aircraft captain shall constitute grounds for imposing administrative or criminal liability on disobedient persons in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  1. The Airline (Carrier) shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the Customer's Air Transportation Contract in accordance with FAR-82 in the following cases:
    1. violation by a Customer of passport, customs, sanitary and other requirements stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation regarding air transportation, during international air transportation, as well as those stipulated by the rules determined by the relevant authorities of the country of departure, destination or transit;
    2. refusal of a Customer to fulfill the requirements imposed by federal aviation rules;
    3. if the state of health of a Customer requires special conditions of air transportation or threatens the safety of the Customer or other persons, which is confirmed by medical documents, as well as creates disorder and unavoidable inconvenience for other persons;
    4. refusal of a Customer to pay for the transportation of the baggage, weight of which exceeds the stipulated free baggage allowance;
    5. refusal of a Customer to pay for the transportation of an accompanying child, except for the cases provided for by Subparagraph 3, Paragraph 2, Article 106 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation;
    6. violation by a Customer of the rules of conduct on board the aircraft, creating threat of safety of flight or threat to life or health of other persons, and non-performance by a Customer of the orders of the aircraft captain, given in accordance with Article 58 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation;
    7. presence in the Customer’s belongings and in the baggage or cargo of objects or substances prohibited for air carriage.
    8. provision of false information when Booking a transportation.
  1. The Customer may find these rules:
    • at the points of sale of Tickets;
    • on the Airline Website;
    • in Airline representative offices.