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Air carriage of pets

Air carriage of pets


You can carry with you in the cabin various pets:

  • pet dogs
  • service dogs
  • guide dogs
  • cats
  • pygmy rabbits
  • ferrets
  • birds


How to add a pet to a carriage:

  • when booking tickets on the website
  • to an existing booking before online check-in:
    - via Manage my booking - no later than 1 hour before departure
    - via call center - no later than 4 hours before departure
    - at the airport check-in desk - before the end of check-in for the flight


Cost of the service domestic/international flights:

  • RUB 1999/EUR 38 - website and Call center
  • RUB 3000/EUR 38 - airport
  • AED 140 - airport Dubai


More details about air carriage of each pet:


Online check-in is not available for customers with pets, they are also not allowed to be placed in the emergency exit area (1ABC and rows 15-16) and in 2DE seats. On flights to the UAE, pet transportation is not provided, except for service dogs and guide dogs.

For more information, please read Rules of air service